Turn those old and precious analog images into digital files.  John Murphy, PhotosMarin's owner and operator, can scan paper prints, film and slides and deliver to you a .jpg or .tif file via a CD, email, or Dropbox. These digital files can then be shared with friends and family, and stored electronically for preservation and archiving.  PhotosMarin also offers retouching, editing and cleaning of your faded, wrinkled, and damaged images, whether a torn piece of paper or scratched film negative.


  • High velocity scanning for paper items only (up to 8x10"): $100/hr @ 600dpi*

  • High resolution flat bed scanning for film negatives, slides and paper sizes up to 16x20"**: $7.50/scan for 1200dpi on up to 9600dpi for $20/scan

  • Electronic retouching, editing and cleaning of old paper prints, film and slides: $100/hr broken into 15min increments*** (or $25/every 15 min.)

* DPI stands for "Dots Per Inch" and refers to how large a scanned file will be in Kilobytes (KB) or Megabytes (MB). Simply said, the greater the DPI - 300 vs. 1200 - the more detail possible in the scanned image.

** Large paper prints are scanned in sections and then stitched in the digital darkroom. This process involves more time and labor, and the results are stunning.

***The average editing time is approximately 30mins (or $50) based on previous work.